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Gelibra Hill Fire

ALM Fire in Gelibra

A second hill fire in 24 hours within the municipality of Almuñécar was tackled by the local fire service and a helicopter from Infoca.

Tarmac Scandal

The Almuñécar branch of the IU party considers that they has been a case of a construction company swindling the Town Hall coffers.

German Paraglider Pilot Rescued

A German paragliding flyer/pilot/jockey/under-slung attachment had a flying accident up in the Gelibra area of Almuñecar. Protección Civil, firemen, the Policía Local in Almuñécar and the Guardia Civil mountain-rescue unit took part in his rescue.

Gelibra Lane Unfinished?

Joaquín Mingorance Romero,who is the chairman of the Asociación de Vecinos de Gelibra, (Almuñécar) has made a written complaint to the Town Hall, expressing his rejection of the Council’s response to a request made in September 2011 for the work on the access lane to Gelibra to be completed; i.e., tarmacked, etc.

Gelibra & Rio Seco Alto Work

The Almuñécar Town Hall has busy up in Río Seco Alto and Gelibra, sorting the tracks out, as part of the Planes de Obras y Servicios Provinciales, Belonging to the Agricultural Board of the Junta de Andalucia, through which funds are made available for the improvement of rural-lane networks.