Tarmac Scandal

The Almuñécar branch of the IU party considers that they has been a case of a construction company swindling the Town Hall coffers.

Apparently, the said company was hired on the 4th of April 2011 to lay a road surface to certain specifications but the work that they carried out was substandard owing to having allegedly skimped on materials.

According to a report by a municipal inspector the road surface laid along the Camino del Río Jate was “inferior” in thickness to that specified in the job contract.

The Town Hall had paid for 2,046 tonnes of tarmac yet only 1,340 tonnes were laid. This means, said the party Spokesman, Fermín Tejero that the public purse had paid 24,652 euro over the top.

Councillor Tejero says that the Town Hall has demanded that the company reimburses the said difference.

The fact is that the company didn’t even finish the country lanes it had been charged with surfacing, namely Río Seco and the country lane leading to Gelibra. Consequently, the Town Hall has initiated a process to cancel the contract and award it to another company.

Councillor Tejero urges the Town Hall to speed up the process, which is dragging on, so that another company can finish the job as soon as possible.

This latest incident is not isolated as something similar occurred some months ago over a job contract to install a water supply for Peña Escrita, as well as a contract to build a palm-fond roof within the Majuelo Park – the latter was never carried out despite over 400,000 euros being paid over.

“These are some of the numerous works belonging to the Plan E, in which there is more than sufficient indications of embezzlement and fraud against the municipal coffers,” sentenced Councillor Tejero.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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