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Playa de Poniente Flooded

By Martin Myall

Yet again, Playa de Poniente in Motril has become a lagoon - whereas other towns have their beaches eroded, Motril's simply disappear under water. »

Lake Viñuela Flooding

By Martin Myall

The village of El Trapiche in the Axarquia was swamped last night when the main pipe supplying water to nearby municipalities burst on Viñuela Reservoir. »

Salobreña’s Flooding Solution

By Martin Myall

Salobreña now has a solution for the constant flooding at the entrance to the town, starting under the N-340 bridge. »

A Solution for Salobreña Flooding

By Hugh MacArthur

The Mancomunidad has charged an independent entity with the task of drawing up a study on Salobreña’s seasonal flooding problems. The idea is to find a definitive solution. We’re talking about the Plaza de Goya, where the Tourist Information Office is; the main entrance into the town and one of the busiest roundabout junctions.... »

Nerja Hit by Cloud Burst

By Vivienne Hughes

A cloudburst over Nerja yesterday afternoon saturated the town in less than a quarter of an hour. The heavy rain was accompanied by hailstones. »

Rainy Saturday

By Martin Myall

There were around a dozen incidents yesterday that required the fire service, thank to the heavy rains during the afternoon. »

Zubia Deluge

By Hugh MacArthur

Whilst down here on the coast it was a dry Sunday, apart from the early hours, further inland, it was a very different story as this video footage shows. »

Padul Flooding

By Hugh MacArthur

A cloud burst over Padul yesterday produced 40 litres per sq/m and in just under one hour, resulting in extensive flooding. »

Circular Waterway

By Martin Myall

Four drops of rain and the top end of Salobreña floods again so that the roundabout could be mistaken for Venice. »

Controversial Floodgate Operation

By Martin Myall

The river that runs through Granada, Río Genil, burst its banks, cutting access the nearby town of Valderrubio and swamping farmland. »

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