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Old Road, New Look

By Martin Myall

The old section of the N-340 that goes around the Cerro Gordo tunnel in La Herradura is finally getting some new tarmac down. »

Cemetery Lane Cleaned Up

By Hugh MacArthur

Towards the end of last month La Herradura cemetery was clean up, or better said, it's access lane was. »

Hill Fire in El Cerval

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar fire service was out, backed by an infoca helicopter, tackling a fire in the El Cerval area behind La Herradura. »

La Herradura’s Independence Row

By Hugh MacArthur

The PSOE opposition party in La Herradura accuses the First Councillor, Juan José Ruíz Joya, over his words on independence. The PSOE Spokesperson, Pablo Ruiz said, “it is surprising that Sr. Ruiz Joya has ‘consulted’ the Junta on the 21st of November despite having never convoked the municipal commission charged with negotiating/administrating a possible... »

Show-Window Dressing Competition

By Vivienne Hughes

La Herradura is going to hold a Shop-Window Competition amongst local shopkeepers with the aim of promoting the sector this Christmas . »

Carchuna-Calahonda Sulks

By Hugh MacArthur

The First Councillor of Carchuna-Calahonda is not a happy bunny over Torrenueva's independence, or better said, her lack of it for her townships. »

Awnings for La Herradura

By Vivienne Hughes

This summer, for the first time, the old-town streets of La Herradura have awnings over them to provide shade, keeping things cooler. »

Herradura Anti-Chiringuito Protest

By Hugh MacArthur

So far, over 300 signatures have been collected in La Herradura against the building of a new Chiringuito. The structure is going up in front of the Urbanización Castillo. »

La Herradura Photo Exhibition

By Louise Powell

(COE28) There will be a photo exhibition in La Herradura beginning on the 16th entitled, III Exposición de Fotografías: La Herradura, Lugares, Gente. »

La Herradura’s Power Cuts

By Vivienne Hughes

The First Councillor of La Herradura, Juan José Ruiz Joya, denounces the repetitive power cuts in the village over the last few days. »

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