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Controversial Deal


Almuñécar’s Contracting Committee has signed a contract with the refuse-disposal/street-cleaning company, FFC worth 51-million euros over ten years.

Ropes & Litter

ALM Peñon Clean Up

The beginning of the month saw a cleaning-up operation on the emblematic Peñon de Santo, or if you prefer, the rock with a cross on it…

Litter Assessment

The Almuñécar Councillor for the Environment, Luis Aragón explained that after a detailed study concerning litter, his department had reorganized the distribution of litter bins – gripping stuff!

Salobreña Debt

Well, after the revelations that half the annual budget goes on salaries, and that contrary to election campaign promises the Mayor and the First Councillor haven’t been squeamish about their own personal salaries, it now comes to pass that hitherto uncalculated bills have taken the public debt up to nearly 12m euros.