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Lonely, Forgotten and Dead

By Martin Myall

Yet another case of an elderly person, living alone and apparently forgotten, is found years later as a mommified corpse. »

Elderly Italian Woman Rescued

By Vivienne Hughes

(COH 03C) The mountain-rescue team belonging to the Guardia Civil, EREIM located a lost 91-year-old Italian who had gone missing in the mountains. »

Robbing the Blind, Blind

By Hugh MacArthur

The Provincial Lawcourt of Granada judged the case of a man from Motril accused robbing an elderly blind lady, whom he was supposed to be carrying for. »

Elderly Woman Stabbed

By Vivienne Hughes

The body of a 91-year-old was discovered in her home at 4 Calle Pablo Picasso in Motril - she had been stabbed to death. »

Doddery but Deadly

By Martin Myall

A 91-year-old woman allegedly killed her 86-year-old sister by stabbing her in the neck after a family argument at home. »

Elderly Woman Mugged in Motril

By Hugh MacArthur

Four youths, aged between 16 and 19, were arrested accused of mugging an 80-year-old woman in Motril The elderly victim was walking with her husband along a central street of Motril when she felt somebody yank her handbag from her shoulder. The only reason that she didn’t fall to the ground was because her... »

Car Scratcher Arrested

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil arrested a 67-year-old woman for allegedly keying (scratching with a key) 14 parked cars, bless her. »

Not Just Another Eviction

By Vivienne Hughes

As a society, perhaps, we are becoming numb to witnessing people eating from dustbins and families evicted from their homes, but not so in the case of Carmen. »

Collapsing Roof Kills Elderly Woman

By Vanessa Bosch

A 69-year-old woman died in Órgiva when the roof of her house collapsed. The woman, a resident of the municipal dependency of Las Barreras, was also the mother of a Órgiva councillor. »

80-Year-Old Woman Attacked by Dog

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil are trying to find out who the owner of the dog is that attacked and badly savaged an elderly woman in Iznalloz. »

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