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Sneaky Driving Fines

We’re all prety aware of the ‘most popular’ driving fines, such as using a mobile, etc, but there are seven that you might not know about.

Multi-Tasking Politician

Let’s face it, we all wish that our politicians worked harder and got more done for us. Multi-tasking is the the phrase often used to describe people capable of performing more than one job at a time. Let’s be honest and rather sexist here, it is normally women that are far more capable at this than us men.

Driving School Grant Accusations

The Ministry of Employment in Granada are investigating a Motril driving school after three students have made complaints that they have not received the ‘heavy goods’ training that they were due through a grant given by the Andalusian Employment Fund and the European Social Fund.

Dangerous driving

The Almuñécar-based Guardia Civil arrested a 36-year-old driver from Cijuela, identified as F.N.H. for resisting arrest, as well as dangerous driving.