Dangerous driving

The Almuñécar-based Guardia Civil arrested a 36-year-old driver from Cijuela, identified as F.N.H. for resisting arrest, as well as dangerous driving.

The arrested man was driving through Almuñécar at high speed at two in the morning about midway through last month. He was stopped by the police in Plaza de Madrid, which is the one near the fisherman statue.

Better said, they tried to flag him down but not only did he take no notice, but he also sped up. The Guardia Civil were impressed.

The patrol car caught up the car again in Calle Fajardo and pulled him over, but when they asked for his driving documents, he refused to present them.

The Guardia Civil were even more impressed when told to get out of the car, he emerged with una cubata in his hand; i.e., hard liquor and a soft drink mix. They soon passed from being impressed to highly surprised when he then allegedly threaten them with it – if he had offered to share it, that would have been a different kettle of fish, of course.

Within moments the cuba belonged to nobody, as it was lying on the floor, as was the driver, but adorned with two enthusiastic policemen. Given that alcohol test produced a positive result, must have sent little shivers of joy down the policemen’s back.

The car was impounded and they all skipped off down to the Guardia Civil post like bosom pals, quipping merrily about what great sport it had been.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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