Changes to Road Fines

SPN Guardia Civil motorbike police 02Next year will see some changes to the highway code involving speed limits and fines, for example, in order to cut down on road accidents.

1) B-roads will have the maximum speed reduced to 90 kph. That’s for cars and motorbikes but lorries will be restricted to 80 kph. At present the speed limt on B-roads varies between 90 and 110 kph, depending on the existence and breadth of the hard shoulder.

2) Fines and point deductions will be increased. If you go over a speed limit by 20 kph it’s two points off your licence and a 300-euro fine. So, if you’re doing 111 kph on a B-road, that’s 21 kph over  the new speed limit so it’s bye-bye to two points.

3) The use of a mobile at the wheel is firmly in the sights of the new laws. At the moment you lose three points but it will double to six points if you are caught with a mobile in your hands whilst driving.

4) In the cases of failing to wear a seatbelt or crash helmet, instead of losing three points, it will be four.

5) The ‘rehabilitation’ courses for drivers who have lost all their points will now enable them to regain eight points instead of just six, as long as they have completed and passed the driver’s ‘recycling’ course.

(News: Spain)

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