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Japanese Mosquitos

SPN Aedes japonicus mosquito

Tiger mosquitos (Aedes albopictus) are not the only type of 6-legged vampires that take to the skies in summer – we now have a Japanese one.

Three Elderly Ladies Run Over

SPN antonio san emeterio ruiz

Two women, aged 82 and 79, were killed and the third left seriously injured after a 74-year-old man accidentally ran them over. The accident occurred in Liérganes on the north coast of Spain earlier in the month at 15.50h on the CA-260. The four women pedestrians – the fourth woman was not hit – were…

Another Bungee Jumping Death

Soon after the tragic death of an English woman losing her life whilst bungee jumping from a bridge near Lanjaron, A 17-year-old Dutch girl was killed on a jump from a bridge in the north of Spain.

Bars are not Roots

The Tribunal Superior de Justicia for Cantabria has rejected an appeal against an expulsion order. The man lodging the appeal had argued that he had put down roots; i.e., was strongly linked to living here.