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La Herradura Rejects Benavides

Touching on the local elections, yet again, it is worth pointing out that nowhere was the defeat of the Mayor’s party so keenly felt than in La Herradura, with the CA coming in behind the PP (most voted for) and the PSOE.

Vicente Barbero

Vicente Barbero is 81-years old, and is the founder of Chamboa Vicente, a beach bar that could tell a few local tales for sure!
The awning outside says that the Chamboa opened in 1965, although Vicente was in fact open before that, but he would just turn up each summer with his reeds and grass and build the bar, dismantling it at the end of the season.

Independence Day

We reported last month on the movement created by a group of young Herradureños, to make La Herradura a local autonomous entity. In other words, to break free from Almuñécar and have it’s own Town Hall and control over a local budget. It seems that, not only has the movement gained momentum with a large number of new members, but has also attracted the attention of the four opposition parties, according to their spokesperson Juan Carlos Cacín Barbero.