Last Paseo Work

LHR Paseo look East from Libreria Coral OnLThe First Councillor for La Herradura, Juan José Ruiz Joya Turismo, announced more work on the Paseo Andrés Segovia.

A budget of 455,000 will be spent finishing the work along the paseo, renewing the pavement and laying new mains-water pipes. The funds come from the Junta as part of the coastline, aid package.

The Councillor for Tourism, Daniel Babero, also present, expressed his ‘satisfaction’  because this project was  one of the 50 selected by the Junta.

“With this grant we are going to finish off the renovation work on the paseo,” said Sr. Barbero, explaining that it would affect 500 metres from the Libería Corral to La Caleta area, next to the Punta de la Mona.

Another task included within the work will be a change to the type of bulbs currently used in the street lighting. Furthermore, obstacles (architectronic barriers)  that inhibit people with mobility problems will be eliminated… that’s the obstacles, not the people!

So, how long will it take to complete? According to Councillor Barbero, it will take a minimum of three months of administrative procedures (slow-motion paper shuffling) so that it should be ready to rock-&-roll just before summer… but, fortunately, won’t begin until September. How long will the work itself take… it’s a cosmic mystery because Danny Barbero didn’t mention it.

Editorial comment: what he did mention was that, in his opinion, had the Junta been controlled by the socialist, all of the money would have gone to Albondón because it has a socialist mayor. By making this obseravation he is basically admitting that all administrations work on a basis of favouring their own and leaving the opposition in the cold. So, party first; citizens second.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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