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Looking Back: Ten Articles!

By Martin Myall

This website began in August 2009 and back then we were only covering Costa Tropical, yet in December we decided to put up 10 items of regional news, strung together. »

Storm Thwarts Voyage

By Louise Powell

The replica of the Spanish carrack, Nao Victoria, has had to turn back to Almería Port to shelter from the storm that is lashing the Mar de Alborán. »

Brit & Poles Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

A British man and three Poles were arrested aboard their yacht when it was found to have three tonnes of hashish on Board. The arrest was part of a FRONTEX operation entitled Indalo. »

Elderly British Woman Mugged

By Vivienne Hughes

A young man in Almería was arrested after allegedly mugging an elderly British woman. ripping off three necklaces that she was wearing. »

Kayak Klean Up

By Vivienne Hughes

The Kayak Angling Clubs from Almuñécar and the Rincón de Gójar were busy one Sunday around the middle of September, cleaning up beaches and waters. »

Roquetas Rocked

By Hugh MacArthur

The Town Hall of Roquetas del Mar (Almería) had the unpleasant experience of having one of its bank accounts hacked. »

Pole Shot at Almería Airport

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil brought down a man with a shot to the leg at Almería Airport on the morning of the 14th. »

Brit Arrested in Albox

By Hugh MacArthur

Another British paedophile has been arrested here in Spain; one of the world's most wanted, this time in Albox in Almería. »

Average Road Accident Rate

By Martin Myall

There is a road accident involving family cars once every hour and a half within the province of Granada, according to Unespa »


By Martin Myall

The new, conservative Provincial Delegate for Agriculture, Carmen Crespo, is energetically back peddling over her remarks concerning water transfers from Rules . »

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