Christmas 112 Call-Outs

Did you know that the emergency call centre 112 was handling on average four calls a minute between 01.00h and 02.00h of the New Year's day?

AND Emergency Call Centre 112Yes, that was the busiest time over the Christmas period, from 15.00h (24th Dec.) and 23.59h (7th Jan.).

In fact, during that whole Christmas period, the call centre handled 37,027 calls from all over Andalucía.

Most of the calls were for medical assistance (20,143) followed by police assistance (6,392). After that we have drivers requiring assistance (2,358) and traffic accidents (1,629).

The fire services were called out 2,015 times to deal with fires (excluding cat rescuing and pumping out flood water, etc) whilst the rest of the calls were for animal situations, requests for social services, rescues (on land and at sea) and finally, supply problems (electricity & water) etc.

By province, naturally Sevilla leads the list because it is the capital of Andalucía and the most populated, with 9,767 calls. Again, naturally, Málaga as the second most populated province, came next with 7,409 calls.

Then came Granada, and Cádiz with 4,809 and 4,525 call outs respectively, followed by Córdoba (3,011), Almería (2,844), Jaén (2,539) and Huelva (2,123).

(News/Noticias: Andalucia)

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