Pony Express

You see people taking their dogs for a walk (drag) whilst cycling but taking a pony for a trot tied to your car? Read on.

This happened on the the road between Fernán Pérez ( Níjar) and Agua Amarga in Almería last month. The Guardia Civil received news of it after video was posted on Twitter Yes, it’s X now, but bugger it!)

The video is about 20 seconds long and is taken from the car behind the pony. The animal is tied to the driver’s door, trying to keep up with the car. Fortunately, there was little to no traffic on this particular road.

Thanks to the video, the police were able to track down the suspect, owing to the number plate.

(News/Noticias: Agua Amaga, Níjar, Almería Andalucia)

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