Stranded in Almería

Nearly 200 passengers ended up stranded in Almeria Airport after their flight was diverted because of high winds at Granada Airport.

AND Almeria Airport (empty)The Vueling flight VY2016 had departed Barcelona Airport with 180 passengers on board en route for Granada at 20.25h.

Passengers were expecting to land in Granada at 22.00h but instead they arrived at Almería just before ten but were kept onboard for another hour because of a scarcity of airport buses to take them from the aircraft to the building.

The trouble was, when they did alight, the airport terminal was closed for the night, so they ended up with nowhere to stay and nothing to eat. Some spent 400 euros getting to Granada by taxi, when they eventually managed to acquire one.

The airline has since sent an email to the affected passengers, promising to reimburse their expenses for food, accommodation and transport, as long as a bill for each expense is provided.

The airport is open from 06:10h to 21:45h during winter or from 05:10h to 20:45h in the summer hours.

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