No Plan de Playas

Salobreña failed to get itself included in the Plan de Playas this year, which is organised by the Junta de Andalucía. This

Mayor Gets Bad Review

In an Andalucía-wide poll, which inquired into citizen satisfaction for their Mayors, Salobreña brought up the tail end along

Noise Upsets Hostelry Sector

La Asociación de Hoteleros de Salobreña has complained to the Town Hall about the treatment that several guest houses are receiving within the township, thanks to all the building work going on.

Rubbish Strike Called Off

Limdeco are saying that, should the Council go ahead with the privatisation, they must guarantee the safety of all of its 270 employees. If not, striking will start on the 10th of August smack

Helicopter Display Motril

On display were a range of private, civil and government owned ‘copters including two R44 Robinson’s from Alicante, a Rotorway from Málaga that was built over five years by a father and son team and a Gazelle owned by a British Lord and

Velilla Rebels

On the day that the autovía was inaugurated, there were a couple of dozen residents of Velilla protesting on the Taramay roundabout – they were not pleased and

Chiringuitos Saved but Struggling

The province’s chiringuitos, amongst them the ones in Almuñécar, had a difficult time during July, with most of them reporting lower takings than July of last year – 18%, but they are confident that August will be another story.

Blue Zone Misery

Oh, the bloody Blue Zones – what a headache! The latest outgrowth of the dreaded Zona Azul is planned for the return road behind San Cristóbal, fulminating in one foul swoop all the free parking. The