British Airways for Granada

British Airways is in discussions with the Provincial Council of Granada over the possibility of running flights out of Granada Airport.

Several charter companies have come and gone as far as the Aeropuerto Federico Garcia Lorca goes, the latest being the Hispania Airways project that was still born.

Another aside comment is that British Airways is not the favourite colour of the month in Spain, where it is widely seen to be the villain that is doing away with the national carrier, Iberia, which is absorbed.During this latest week of protests against job cuts, protestors could be seen with defamatory comments and images on their placards.

Part of the agreement that is being beaten out between BA and the Council is the stipulation made by the airway for the Council to fund a promotional campaign in the UK to sell Granada as a tourist destination. For their part, BA is looking at running two or three flights a week from Granada to to London and back, beginning in June.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

The trouble is, of course, that the Provinicial Council doesn’t have any money