Unconventional Punishment

Off to Hungary now, where 42-year-old Gyorgy Nagy has been convicted for the offense of being a Holocaust denier.

The Budapest Court decided to sentence him to 18 months in prison, however, that term is suspended for three years and is in conduction with probation. Here’s the unconventional bit… he also has to pay a visit to Budapest’s Memorial Museum, Auschwitz or Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. The obvious choice for him would be the local Holocaust Memoria Centre, but the court has ruled that for this one he would have to make three visits and record his observations of the visit.

The historically challenged Mr. Nagy was originally arrested in 2011 during a protest march in Budapest, where he was carrying a banner bearing the legend, “The Shoah (Holocaust) did not happen.’ Bit of a giveaway, since he really should have realized that the Hungarian parliament had made Holocaust denial a punishable offense less than a year the march. In fact, the law says you can’t ‘deny, question or make light of the Holocaust,’

We’ll have to wait and see which site Mr. Nagy visits, and of course whether he will gain any knowledge or change of heart from the visit. Probably not.