Naked Arrests

Four protesters were arrested in San Francisco, USA, for being completely naked. The reason they were naked was to protest at the city’s ban on public nudity, the day of the protest coincided with the first day of the ban.

The arrestees were one woman and three men, although one of the men was actually wearing an item of clothing, albeit just a mesh thong. The arrests were jeered by the rest of the group, all in various states of undress, some with slogans painted on their bodies and others carrying banners with such legends as ‘The Human Body is Beautiful,’ from which we can only assume these people have never seen the Ed naked.

Despite the ban, police did try to use a bit of restraint and gave the protesters a 15-minute warning to disperse or at least cover some of the abundant genitalia, however, the protesters said balls to that shouted at the police that their arrest would advance the cause of ‘body freedom.’

Gypsy Taub, nudist and broadcaster said, “no matter what, we’re going to continue practicing body freedom,” she explained, “In a society that’s repressed and crazy, that glorifies war and at the same time criminalizes the human body… nudity is a political statement.”

The problem originated in December when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 7-4 in favor of the law to prohibit exposed genitals in most public places, including streets and areas of public transit. A judge even ruled that nudity was ‘not protected free speech.’ This decision is reportedly to be appealed by the protesters.