Lecrin Valley

News from Granana (Lecrin Valley): melegis,mondujar,restabal,padul,durcal

Bungee Death Judicial Update

LEC Tablate Bridge

(DEL) Readers will remember the bungee-jumping accident on a bridge between Béznar and Lanjarón, resulting in the death of a young British woman – the trial is reaching its conclusion.

Musketeers in the Valley

LEC Beznar Musketeers 2

(MAD) The Lecrin Town Hall, which is responsable for several villages, is hopeen to see hundred of people turning up for the Beznar Fiestas this coming weekend.

Dúrcal-Motril Cable Way

FTR Cablecar Main Structure OnL

On the 17th of May, 1927 the cable-way system linking Dúrcal to Motril was inaugurated – yes, 90 years ago there was an aerial system suspended from huge pylons bringing mineral trucks all the way down to Motril port.

Bridge Death Trial

AND Puenta Tablate OnL

Many will remember the bungee-jumping accident last summer which led to the death of a 23-year-old British woman. The incident has now reached trial