No Train for Motril

Motril will not be part of the Corredor del Mediterráneo following an European Parliament decision after finalising the 2030 Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

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The Spanish part of this transeuropean rail network runs from the French border, along the Mediterranean as far as Algeciras, passing through Granada but with no link to Motril Port.

The Mayoress of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, considers that once again the Costa Tropical and Motril have been ignored by the Central Government (a dig at the socialists) and European institutions “breaking all the false promises made by these institutions during many years,” she said.

“We profoundly regret that once again European institutions, with the tacit support of the Central Government… …ignored the thousands of inhabitants who would have benefited from this project, which has been a great blow for all of us,” said Mayoress Chamorro.

Editorial comment: Mayoress Chamorro appears to have forgotten just how much money the EU has poured into the infrastructure of Motril, and indeed the whole of the Costa Tropical. One of the most recent handouts from the EU has been the Next Generation funding which she has eagerly earmarked for vote-winning projects within the municipality.

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