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Junta against EU Fishing Cuts

The Junta’s Board for Agriculture & Fishing rejects the EU management plan for fishing in the Western Mediterranean. “We understand that a global plan for fishing in the Mediterranean has to be drawn up, but not that Andalucía should be the hardest hit,” said the new Head of the board, Carmen Crespo, adding that “Almería,…

Spain’s Refugee Pledge

MOT rescued Immigrants OnL

(SEL) Spain has just 40 days to take in over 15,000 refugees if it intends to meet its pledge before the international community. There is no way it will acheive it, even if it had the intention.

Spain to Pay Out

SPN Ciadi Sentence

Spain has lost an international court case over green-energy funding, which was cut back in 2010 leaving the British company Eiser in the lurch.