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A Tale of Two Ships

By Martin Myall

There were two pieces of news in the regional press yesterday about ships; in the one case a luxury yacht and in the other a Russian freighter. »

Motril Port Open Day

By Louise Powell

Motril Port will have its Open Day on the 13th of this month including a chance to go aboard a Spanish Navy corvette. »

New Holding Centre for Port

By Vivienne Hughes

The Central Government has given the go ahead for a new immigrant-holding centre in Motril within the port confines in the eastern dock area. »

Motril Trawlers under Pressure

By Vivienne Hughes

The Motril fishing sector has suffered a new blow after the introduction of more restrictive regulations concerning trawling. »

Italian Drug Runners Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil intercepted a luxury yacht with 3,385 kilos of hashish on board opposite the Almería/Granada provincial border. »

Largest Bulk-Carrier Docks

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril port saw a large bulk-carrier ship, Banasol, dock, carrying 50,000 tonnes of molasses; the largest shipment to date in the port. »

Policeman Investigated over Photos

By Hugh MacArthur

A policeman in Motril whose task it was to look after the immigrant centre in the port is being investigated for taking photos of the installations. »

Stranded Russian Ship Update

By Hugh MacArthur

Readers will remember that we ran an article in September on a Russian ship in Motril Port, whose owners had gone bust. »

The Ones That Didn’t Get Away

By Martin Myall

Thinking of taking your car to North Africa? No? Well, somebody else might be, which might explain why it is no longer where you parked it. »

Children Kidnapped by Father

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional intercepted a father who was trying to take his children, both toddlers, out of the country illegally. »

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