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Saudi Ship Causes Waves

By Hugh MacArthur

Again, the presence of a Saudi ship allegedly carrying arms in Motril Port has caused protests, this time from Podemos. »

Slower Motril Ferry

By Vivienne Hughes

The ferry that used to do the Motril-Melilla route has been replaced by a slower one that takes up to an hour longer to complete the crossing. »

Farmers Block Port

By Martin Myall

Around a hundred farmers blocked the main entrance to Motril Port in protest over a lack of control on imported agricultural produce from outside the EU. »

Russian Ship for Sale

By Hugh MacArthur

We have reported several times on the fate of the skeleton crew onboard the Russian freighter, Zapolyarye, which is docked at Motril Port. There have been developments. »

Storm Thwarts Voyage

By Louise Powell

The replica of the Spanish carrack, Nao Victoria, has had to turn back to Almería Port to shelter from the storm that is lashing the Mar de Alborán. »

Junta Backs Rail Link

By Martin Myall

For the first time the Junta de Andalucía and formally expressed support for a rain link between Granada and Motril Port. »

Sailing Ship Docks in Motril

By Louise Powell

The majestic, 5-mast sailing ship, Royal Clipper docked yesterday at Motril Port for the second time this year. »

Brit & Poles Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

A British man and three Poles were arrested aboard their yacht when it was found to have three tonnes of hashish on Board. The arrest was part of a FRONTEX operation entitled Indalo. »

Melilla Ferry Fare Discount

By Louise Powell

The shipping company FRS has announced a 10% discount on their ferry operating between Motril and Melilla. »

Masquerading as Minors

By Hugh MacArthur

Many of the immigrants that are landed in Motril Port declare themselves as unaccompanied minors, and as they have no ID, it is difficult to prove otherwise. »

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