Kids Against Alcohol Abuse

La Herradura has begun a campaign for the prevention of alcohol consumption amongst minors in the village high school.

LHR High School Class on AlcoholA total of 81 pupils of ESO-level at IES Villanueva del Mar have participated so far, ranging from chats to debates in their classrooms.

The object of the campaign is to counter the ‘cool’ myth driving alcohol consumption amongst teens, to stimulate critical thinking and to reflect on the consequences of alcohol consumption. By critical thinking, we mean to question, analyse, interpret and evaluate in order to make a judgement.

Councillor Maria del Carmen Reinoso explained, “Through these lectures & debating sessions, pupils are learning to be more aware and analyse the myth surrounding alcohol consumption.”

First Councillor for La Herradura, Daniel Barbero, said that the campaign is aimed at the population in general but in particular teens. Perhaps better said, through schoolchildren within family discussions at home.

This campaign is part of a wider one entitled, Ciudades ante las Drogas: Almuñécar Ciudad Sana, which includes informative notices within the fairground containing the phrase: seis pasos responsables para consumir alcohol, to reach the adult population during last months fiestas concerning excessive alcohol consumption.

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