New Gardening Company

Almuñécar Town Hall has awarded a contract to a private company to manage the municipality's parks and gardens.

ALM Municipal GardenersThe said company, Althenia, will receive 840,000 euros for the task as this amount was the best bid put forward. Accordingly, the company will increase its employees from 12 to 19 workers, as well as adding two more vehicles to those provided by the Town Hall.

Mayor Juan José Ruiz Joya said, “This improvement to the gardening service was an electoral pledge that we made, promising a cleaner town and our gardens better kept.”

The Councillor for Purchasing and Hiring, Rafael Caballero, explained that the contract included maintenance and improvements to the parks and green areas in Almuñécar and La Herradura. He also pointed out that the arrangement would commence in a few weeks.

The Councillor for Agriculture, Sustainability, Parks & Gardens, Carlos Ferrón, said, “Althenia presented the best bid in so far as the number of employees, vehicles, machinery and flowers, which will give colour to the green areas of Almuñécar and La Herradura”

Editorial comment: release the Triffids!

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