Colder At Last!

Well, the Polar front is here after cruising down across Spain giving us temperatures more in tune with a normal, end of November.

GRA Temperatures Wed22 at 0600hFor example, along the Costa Tropical the lowest temperature for tonight at 22.00h is 13ºC, whereas it will be 2ºC in Trevélez, 5ºC in Lanjarón and 9ºC in the city of Granada.

By 06.00h temperatures will have dropped to 11ºc along the coast and 3ºC in Trevélez, 5ºC in Lanjarón and 7ºC in the city of Granada.

Early afternoon temperatures tomorrow will be 17ºC/18ºC along the coast, 9ºC in Trevélez and 16c in both Lanjarón and the city. By 23.00h temperatures will have dropped to 11ºC along the coast, -1ºC in Trevélez, 7ºC in Lanjarón and 6ºC in the city.

As for Thursday, along the coast we will have highs of 18ºC and lows of 7ºC, Trevélez will have between 9ªC and -2ºC, Lanjarón will have between 16ºC and 4ºc and the city of Granada between 17ºC and 2ºC.

Temperatures for Friday will be almost the same as Thursday and by Saturday temperatures will climb a little of giving the coast a high in the low 20s, as well as in Granada but night temperatures between single-digit and double digits ones in the low teens.

(News/Noticias: Granada, Andalucia)

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