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Colder At Last!

GRA Temperatures Wed22 at 0600h

Well, the Polar front is here after cruising down across Spain giving us temperatures more in tune with a normal, end of November.

Hotting Up Again

GRA Weather 3rd Week October

From today, after a few days of cooler weather, a second Indian summer is kicking in thanks to the effects of an anticyclone reaching the Iberian Peninsular.

Lingering Summer

SAL Light Calima 400 x 250

According to the Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET) we’re experiencing what is known as the Veranillo de San Miguel, i.e., an Indian summer or Altweibersommer.

A Warm Easter Weekend

AND The weather El Tiempo

Whilst the streets in our coastal towns look like they’re holding daily furniture races put on by the KKK, spring is finally pushing the temperatures up.

Temperatures This Week

GRA Ist Week JL21 Temperatures

For the first week of July, temperatures will climb – surprise! but not only in our province but in the whole of Spain. Don’t panic though, there’s no 40ºC listed below.