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Motril Lorries Suffer

By Martin Myall

The Motril, road-haulage company, Comotrans, which is one of the most important such companies in Spain, has been caught up in the French/Catalan border troubles. »

Policeman’s Assailant Dies

By Hugh MacArthur

The man who stabbed an off-duty Guardia Civil officer in Lanjarón and then promptly collapsed has since died. »

Dubious Generosity

By Martin Myall

The new Granada City Council is facing criticism over the amount of Vice-Mayors it has created; i.e., five vice-mayoralties bringing the total up to seven. »

A Surprise in The Junk Room

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil, Bomb-Disposal Squad was called in to handle an unexploded shell in a house in Lanjarón from the Civil-War period. »

Smile, You’re on Camera!

By Vivienne Hughes

Thanks to the CCTV cameras on a nearby company warehouse, the police in Lanjarón were able to identify a thief who had burgled an apero (a farm store shed). »

Lanjarón Ploughing Death

By Vivienne Hughes

A man died in Lanjarón last Saturday whilst out ploughing his olive grove near his cortijo. The exact cause is not known although heat stroke is suspected. »

Heart Attack in Lanjarón

By Vivienne Hughes

A 65-year-old woman died in the municipal swimming pool in Lanjarón from a heart attack - he had had a history of heart problems. »

Park of Heroes

By Hugh MacArthur

Readers will remember the fire in a bar in Lanjarón that resulted in three deaths; the town has dedicated a park to them in homage. »

Cheese Against Cancer

By Vivienne Hughes

Master Cheesemaker, Isabel Orantes, together with a Junta bigwig and the Vice Chairman of the Mancomunidad for the Alpujarra, presented a scheme to help in the fight against cancer. »

Acompalia in Castell Event

By Acompalia

Accompalia invites you all to join them on June 9th from 19.00h till 23.00h at the Castell de Ferro Town Hall for an evening of entertainement! »

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