Investiture Today

The Minister of the Interior has deployed 1,400 police officers for tomorrow's voting in the Spanish Parliament to elect a Prime Minister.

SPN PM Sanchez 400x250This will be the third largest riot-police operation in Madrid’s recent history. In fact, half of all the riot police in Spain will be on duty over the two days that the voting and investiture process takes.

The largest riot-police operations involved 2,100 officers in June 2014 for the King’s coronation and 1,500 officers for a football match in December 2018 between River Plate and Boca Juniors.

What worries the police is that there will be an angry crowd outside the House of Congress in response to the amnesty law that the caretaker PM is in the process of passing, as part of a deal to gain the votes in favour of Catalán independitist parties.

A youth ultra movement, Herqles, has been heading the better part of the street protests lately, and has convoked a protest via social media for today, entitled Rodea el Congreso (Surround the House of Parliament) not only for today, but also for tomorrow as well.

Then there’s the youth movement, Revuelta (Revolt) belonging to the far-right party, Vox who have organised a protest at 12.30h in Neptuno, where the rallying cry will be “If the coup goes ahead, there will be a revolt.”

The police are closely monitoring the extreme-right, social-media accounts, to find out what size turn out they can expect, and where; outside the national HQ of the socialists or outside the House of Parliament (Congreso).

(News/Noticias: Madrid, Spain)

  1 comment for “Investiture Today

  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    November 15, 2023 at 11:28 am

    So to get in power you forsake any charges levelled at a person, who broke Spanish laws. Ironically, sedition has now been dropped as a law.

    Who didn’t have the bottle to face the charges, along with another woman. One became a Scottish professor of some sort. Then a MEP. He became a MEP too. To avoid extradition to face his accusors. Both spinless.

    Belgium and Scotland should have extradited as per request; they do so with terrorists. So now, no charges for either. Plus agreement to have all dialects spoken officially. Great for translators. Not so great for costs. Plus all taxes raised. Kept and spent in Catalonia. Along with forgetting about the small loan given by the central government they do not recognise. What a fiasco.

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