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Junta against EU Fishing Cuts

The Junta’s Board for Agriculture & Fishing rejects the EU management plan for fishing in the Western Mediterranean. “We understand that a global plan for fishing in the Mediterranean has to be drawn up, but not that Andalucía should be the hardest hit,” said the new Head of the board, Carmen Crespo, adding that “Almería,…

Demolition is Inevitable

ALM Municipal Market ext front OnL

You’re probably sick and tired of hearing about the municipal-market affair but believe me, this article will not be the last you hear of it in the coming months.

Market Demolition Closer

ALM Market OnL

(COE14) Well, the Almuñécar Council had its Plenary Meeting and the ruling party, as expected, tabled a motion to draw up a demolition study for the municipal market.

Hotel Bahía Protests

ALM Hotel Bahia Protests

Workers at the Hotel Bahía Tropical in Almuñécar demonstrated on the 10th against an “anti-union” attitude from the Hotel and abusing work-condition accords.

The Granada Hospital Dispute

GRA PTS Hospital OnL

The opening of the new hospital in Granada near the Science Park should have been a cause for celebration but it has become the centre of a regional health-system storm instead.