Molvízar Hill Fire

Unbelievably, even with the Los Guájares fire not out, somebody has caused a fire what looks to be just to the north of Molvízar.

GRA Kamov Heavy Helicopter SP22From high above Lentegí on the reverse slope, I could count the deployment of five air assets: a heavy-lift, twin-rotor, Kamov with an underslung ‘bambi’ (canvas bucket) two Air Tractor, single-engine water-bomber aircraft and two small helicopters.

The planes and heavy chopper were flying out of the Infoca base in La Resinera (Jayena). The turn-around time for the planes was approximately 20 minutes; i.e., the flight to the fire and back and time on the ground taking on water for dropping.

According to the Infoca twitter account there are 18 fire fighters on the ground there.

The fire was declared at 14.03h and by 14.15h the two light aircraft were flying overhead on their way to the fire. This Sky Tractor were originally designed for crop spraying so they are perfect for the task of water bombing, being slow and manoeuvrable.

Update: 15.11h

✈ 3 Air Tractors, 1 Canadair (scooper) and 1 Spotter
? 1 Light Helicopter, 4 Heavy Helicopters and 1 Airborne Command Aircraft
? 2 Fire Engines (trucks), plus a meteorological Unit & 1 Medical Unit
?‍? 61 Fire fighters.

Update 18.00h:

Estabilizado at 16.30h

Update Sunday 09.15h

Fire Extinguished – nine hectares burnt

(News: Molvizar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    September 17, 2022 at 2:36 pm

    Truly they are muckwits. Even if you could nick them. It would make no difference. Thick as pig manure. !!

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