Two Pedaloes & A Strimmer

The Guardia Civil were informed about the theft of two pedaloes (hidropedales) from Castell de Ferro beach and set about finding the missing 'navy.'

ECO Hidropedalo Pedalo 400x250With a little help from their friends; i.e., officers from the Albuñol GC post, they combed all the beaches at that end of the Costa Tropical and on one of them saw two men in a pedalo not far from the shore.

The officers hailed them from the beach and seeing that they would have a police launch sent after them if they didn’t return to the beach where the officers waited for them, they did precisely that and were arrested.

The Green Meanies, in constant pursuit of villains (when they’re not playing Candy Crush on their mobiles) also tracked down a 37-year-old suspect in Órgiva who had allegedly stolen a strimmer.

This gentleman has been arrested no fewer than five times by the Guardia Civil in the Órgiva Guardia post in just one month – off with his pods! This time the cad was rumbled thanks to the collaborations of locals, who are no doubt sick to death of his ‘adventures.’
Anyway, both the two pedaloes and the strimmer have been returned to their legitimate owners.

Editorial comment: is it just me or did anybody else think: hmmmm with a little adjustment, you could use the strimmer as an outboard for a pedalo! Own up Patrick!

(News: Castell de ferro/Costa Tropical, Órgiva, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

  1 comment for “Two Pedaloes & A Strimmer

  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    July 29, 2022 at 9:53 am

    At least the pedaloes are feet powered. Unlike the noisy motorbike engined twits. That roar up and down. Flexing their ,”look at me,look at me ,muscles”
    Shame about the dolphins and other aquatic life.
    Did you write strimmer or stripper.
    We do need a good stripper in my local. Would take me back to my younger days. !!

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