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When One is Too Many

ALP Carataunas 01

In a large town, reaching the 500 barrier for a municipal lockdown could mean dozens of new infections, but if you’re a tiny village, it can be just one person.*

Not Dead Really

GRA The Vacant Tomb

When somebody tells you that you look tired or ill, it’s bad enough, but when they tell you that you’re dead, well, it’s a bloody cheek, really.

A Windy Monday

GRA Gale Alert 7:8DC

The Spanish, National Agency for Weather (AEMET) has issued an Orange Alert for the Costa Tropical tomorrow with winds expected up to 90kph.

Plastic to Plastic

GRA Lanjarón Bottled Water

Those new to this land probably heard of the bottle-water brand, Lanjarón, before they found out that where the village was, whose springs supplied the water.