The Health Material Swindles

Less than a week into the March 2020 Lockdown, their was a global scrabble for masks, gloves and surgical alcohol and the Government spent torrents obtaining them.

SPN Medical Staff Putting on EquipmentSo desperate was the Spanish Government that the Ministry of Health hired a Chinese company to acquire them and spent 31.3-million euros on obtaining 8.8-million masks. As you probably worked out, each mask cost 3.55 euros.

A quarter of that shipment of FFP2 masks were purchased from Garry Galaxy (a completely unknown company) and these were handed out in hospitals and residencies for the elderly all over the country. However, in April, they had to be urgently withdrawn because hundreds of thousands of them were defective – they were useless. Many hospital workers became infected, trusting these masks.

The then Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, ended up in court when the Madrid Government sued him for infringing workers’ rights.

But that was just one scandal…

The sad fact is that billions were raked in by pharmaceutical companies and medical suppliers as governments scrambled to obtain equipment, not to mention the astronomic amount spent on subsidising the development of vaccines. Nobody is saying that this wealth procurement was not legal, nor that the money spent by panicking governments isn’t understandable – it was simply a golden opportunity to make billions.

Starting in June this 2020, the Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios (Aemps), sent out 119 health alerts concerning all sorts of fake medical products, according to their reports. This agency also points out that the attempts to dump fake products on the Spanish market continues to this day, even though the Pandemic is entering a quiet period that the less cautious consider to be “its last throes.”

These sub-standard products range from hospital PPEs to vital-parameters monitors; from disposable syringes to blood-transfusion equipment and from shoe covers to anaesthetic machines. The latest fake products are self-testing kits.

So where are they coming from? Amongst the companies detected there are those from within Europe, such as France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark Poland and Hungary as well as outside the continent, such as from the USA and Israel.

(News: Spain – Source: Melchor Sáiz-Pardo & Álvaro Soto/Sur)

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