Access Ramp Too Steep

The local branch of the PSOE in Motril consider that the access ramp leading down from Avenida de Salobreña to Calle Aguas del Hospital, is too steep.

MOT Access Ramp Roo SteepPSOE Councillor, Alicia Crespo, said “people in Motril have complained about the steepness of the access ramp, especially for people in wheelchairs.”

According to the said councillor, such is the danger involved, especially at the top part, that people prefer to take a longer route along a side street down into the Plaza de La Coronacion.

“Some wheelchair users, even when accompanied by somebody pushing them, have expressed their concern about using it – they fear not being able to brake efficiently and falling out of the chair,” she said, adding, “they have to go down backwards to have more control over descent.”

Councillor Alicia Crespo pointed out that the PP (governing party) spent 4.5m euros on redesigning the Avenida de Salobreña eleven years ago. Despite this, she considers, the new design did not improve traffic flow nor accessibility from side streets.

According to Sra. Crespo, the Mayor has even considered eliminating the Paellera (the nickname for the fountain in the centre of the roundabout) and has had to put a ramp in because of the botched original design for the avenue.

She had more to say, “there are numerous tailbacks that form everyday and the reserved lane is hardly used,” she said that the complete lack of parking and loading/unloading areas complicate matters further, especially near the Paella-Dish-Fountain roundabout.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical,Granada, Andalucia)


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