The Impatient Arrival

A heavily pregnant woman walked almost four kilometres to the nearest medical centre in Motril to deliver her baby, who came into the world in perfect health.

MOT Medical Centre, Av SalobreñaThe 31-year-old woman walked from the beach area to the medical centre on Avenida de Salobreña.

“It was at 13.30h (6th October) when the woman arrived after having walked from the beach area because she thought that she would go into labour that night, “explained Beatriz Quero (G.P.) adding, “This wasn’t her first childbirth but the baby was in a hurry, it seemed.”

Doctor Quero was helped by a 28-year-old nurse, Rocío Lara, who is also a qualified midwife although not employed as such.

The thing is that medical centres don’t have staff specialised in childbirth – that is done in the hospital, so in this case with a nurse, who just happened to be a midwife amongst the staff, they were able to deliver the child in a doctor’s surgery just 15 minutes after the woman arrived .

The mother arrived exhausted and realised that the child was already on its way and began pushing as she lent against a gurney. The doctor was called down urgently to the reception area and saw the woman standing there, so she immediately called for a wheelchair. The baby was already crowning

They had alerted the ambulance driver when the woman arrived to take her to the hospital to give birth but things happened too fast, so in the end it was used to transport her there with her baby already in her arms.

The mother had been in the medical centre the week before for a check up as she was 38 weeks into her pregnancy. She was confident that she would not enter into labour for another 15 days… she was wrong.

Editorial comment: why she had to walk all that way in her state is a mystery.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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