Peñiscola Building Collapse II

Rescue teams first thing this morning came across a body belonging to a minor. They are now lookig for the mother under the rubble.

Before & After

Before & After

Fortunately, 30 residents (nine families) were out, either on the beach or doing their shopping when the building collapsed: First there was a loud noise, then a pause and then the whole thing came down.

Experts have ruled out that the recent rains could have had something to do with it, but consider, instead, that the foundations were defective, or that the hillside had a hidden fault line.

The block of flats, which was built in the 90s contained 15 flats.

Yesterday night the rescue workers located and extracted a young man. At first they had to leave him where he was until the surrounding rubble had been stabilised or removed. He was finally pulled out, wearing a neck brace, around midnight. Although loud cheers and clapping accompanied the victim as he was taken to an ambulance, it proved to be the only moment of joy during the rest of the long night and this morning.

(News: Peñiscola, Castellon, Valencia)

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