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Expensive Baggage

By Martin Myall

Security checks at Valencia airport found several suitcases containing around a million euros in cash - they belonged to Chinese citizens. »

Mugger Doused Victim with Petrol

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman has been taken into custody after allegedly dousing a woman she intended to mug with petrol - the victim had her baby with her. »

Pupil Stabs Teacher over Exam

By Martin Myall

It's that time of year when high-school exams are taking place across the nation; plenty of nail biting but what happened in Valencia is something else. »

Body of Missing Frenchman Found

By Martin Myall

A Frenchman, resident of Peñíscola, went missing on the 27th of May and then on the 6th of June they found a folder with his car docs on a beach. »

Austrians Rescued at Sea

By Vivienne Hughes

The two crew members of an Austrian-registered catamaran were rescued by the maritime service of the Guardia Civil off the island of Tabarca (Alicante). »

Chinese Cash Flow

By Vivienne Hughes

Four Chinese citizens were arrested onboard an aircraft bound for Istanbul awaiting take off, suspected of illicit money movements. »

Travelling in Style

By Hugh MacArthur

A car passenger recorded with his phone camera a woman travelling on an autovía using an electric scooter... and wearing headphones, to boot. »

Brit on The Run Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

Officers belonging to the Policía Nacional in Benidorm (Alicante) arrested a British man on the run, accused of sexually abusing his step-daughter. »

The Murdered Children of Squatters

By Martin Myall

A young couple living in a tumbled-down house in Valencia allegedly murdered both their children; a 5-month-old daughter and a 4-year-old boy. »

Exotic Animal Taxidermist Bust

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil are questioning six people suspected of trafficking in protected species and have confiscated at least 200 stuffed animals. »

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