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Mugger Doused Victim with Petrol

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman has been taken into custody after allegedly dousing a woman she intended to mug with petrol - the victim had her baby with her. »

Body of Missing Frenchman Found

By Martin Myall

A Frenchman, resident of Peñíscola, went missing on the 27th of May and then on the 6th of June they found a folder with his car docs on a beach. »


By Vivienne Hughes

A father allegedly killed his two daughters on the 25th of last month and then killed himself by throwing himself out of a window. »

German Woman Shot Dead

By Vivienne Hughes

A 35-year-old German woman was murdered yesterday in Vinarós (Castellón, Valencia) by her ex of the same nationality. »

Employment Ruse

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional arrested the owner of an industrial laundry in Castellón for the illegal employment of a worker whom he didn’t even pay, let alone pay his Social Security. »

Amputates Own Hand

By Martin Myall

The Supreme Court has sentenced a man, who had amputated his own hand in order to claim insurance money, to a 3-year-imprisonment term. »

Shark Sighted

By Martin Myall

Two beaches were closed when a 2-metre shark was spotted 'loitering with intent.' »

Irresponsible Environmental Control

By Louise Powell

Zapatero's Government gave the go ahead for project without a accompanying environmenta-impact study in 2009 - today, the area is rocked by earth tremors and minor earthquakes... We're talking about Proyecto Castor. »

Burning Woman in Bank

By Martin Myall

Inocencia L.P. from Almassora in Castellón, Valencia, set light to herself in her branch of the Caixa bank, which resulted in burns to 48% of her body »

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