PM Eyes Restrictions End

Junta PM, Juanma Moreno, says that he hasn't lost hope that the Central Government will come up with something to replace the Estado de Alerta.

AND Juanma Moreno Junta PM DC20The Estado de Alerta is the legal coverage for a temporary suspension of certain Constitution Rights, such as Freedom of Movement, etc. The said legal measure expires on Sunday the 9th.

Once it expires, then all restrictions on movement within Spain will disappear, as will the night curfew, early closings and the obligatory wearing of masks.

The trouble is that the pandemic in Spain is far from over and will only conclude when the nation achieves herd immunity, set at 70% of the population fully innoculated.

If the Central Government does not extend the Estado de Alerta or replace it with something more watered down but with a limiting capacity, then it will be difficult to control outbreaks without a regional government coming up with a legal option that has to be approved by a judge, if challenged.

“I hope and expect that the Government makes an urgent decision to provide us with legal coverage [to impose restrictions if needed], adding, “if this does not happen, within our regional capacity, we can restrict opening times, and in the case of rising contagion in a particular municipality, we can close its town limits, as long as we have judicial authority, because we will be in the hands of a judge.

Editorial comment: we’re in this situation because last spring, regional authorities like Andalucía (in the hands of the opposition party) complained that the Government was using the Estado de Alerta to curtail their autonomic rights, and as the E. de A. had to be approved each fortnight, they made it ever more difficult to extend.

This time round, the Goverment is saying “it’s the 9th and that’s your lot,” so as not to get into that situation again, and, lo, the regional governments likes Andalucía are complaining that they want it extended.

So, what will happen? This week will tell but it appears that the Central Government is playing ‘chicken,’ waiting to the clamour to rise before saying, “if you insist…” 

The most sensible course, which nobody can reasonably argue about, is to extend the until the nation reaches herd immunity – instead of sticking to dates,stick to targets.

(News: Andalucia)

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