Distribution, Back Copies & An Idea

GRA Gazette DistributionThe hard copy of the Seaside/Costa Tropical Gazette began its distribution on Friday but with the weekend and a bank holiday today in Motril, distribution continues.

Many hard-copy readers living in the eastern end of Motril used to collect their copies from Antonio the mechanic on the Puntalón roundabout, but he closed up shop and moved to Dúrcal. So, in it’s place we now drop them off in Puntalón itself at the Cafe-Bar Preciso. as we used to in the old days.

As for obtaining back copies, the real-estate agents, Salobreñavacaciones in front of Salobreña Town Hall holds back copies going back five months, as well as the current month.

An idea that we had some time back was for people living in the quinto pino (a far-faraway place) where the existence of foreigners is but a vicious rumour could write in and tell about the village where they live. It doesn’t matter how many years that one has lived here, there’s always an urge to have a day out and explore, so why not tell our readers about your favourite corner?

Anyway, it’s just an idea. Leave a comment if you are interested 😉

(News/Gazette matters, Granada, Andalucia)


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