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Why Mask IVA is not 4%

SPN MJ Montero

The Minister of Hacienda, María Jesús Montero, claims that EU regulation prevent the Spanish Government from lowering the IVA charged on obligatory masks.

Fresh Air For Kids?

SPN Kids Getting Fresh air during Lock Down 02

The Government’s latest idea on how to get our kids some time out of the house and some much needed ‘fresh air,’ is at best ill thought through and at worst, quite frankly, ridiculous.

Police Want Test Kits

SPN Police Want Test Kits

The unions and other associations that represent Spain’s police and armed forces have requested that the Government supply protection kits against Covid 19.

Airlines Must Refund

GRA Granada Airport

Airlines are obliged to return fares for flights to Italy that have been cancelled following the Spanish Government’s decision to ban all flights between the two countries.

Elections Uncertainty

In these recent General Elections, the four main parties got what they wanted, but not enough of it to be any good. The PP won, but not by far enough, and PSOE didn’t implode.