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Loma de Gato Fire Update

By Martin Myall

Infoca managed to have the Loma de Gato fire under control and virtually extinguish by 16.30h yesterday afternoon. »

Hill Fire Almuñécar/Salobreña

By Martin Myall

Facts are scanty and we are only going on what we can see from up above Otivar, but there is a sizeable fire what looks to be on the hillside to he north of Urbanización Alfa Mar on the N-340. »

Nº20 to Move!

By David Darby

Since opening its doors, Restaurante Nº20 in La Herradura has gone from strength to strength, so much so that it seems at times to be bursting at the seams! »

Lobres School Intruders

By Hugh MacArthur

The Salobreña Policía Local were called into action when the Head Teacher of the Lobres school reported an unauthorised entry into the school. »

Woman Shoots up Motril Beach!

By Martin Myall

Some people become iritable on beaches, but one woman took it to a whole new level.. with an air pistol. »

Mortar Round on top a Mountain

By Martin Myall

What you don't expect to find at the top of the Sierra Nevada is an unexploded, 80-year-old mortar round, even if you're armed with goats. »

Niche Plaque for Luis Augusto

By Martin Myall

It looks like Luis Augusto (Maldoneitor) who used to busk in Almuñécar and was well known amongst Almuñécar Musicians, will have his niche plaque. »

Stain Worries Tourist Sector

By Vivienne Hughes

The floating stain that keeps appearing and disappearing off Salobreña's beaches is causing concern amongst local businesses. »

Two Months Three Dolphins

By Vivienne Hughes

In the last two months five creatures, amongst them three dolphins, have appeared dead on the beaches of Costa Tropical. The other two were a turtle and a shark. »

Salobreña Bomb Hoax

By Hugh MacArthur

Around 14.00h today there was a bomb-scare hoax in Salobreña, which had the emergency services speeding to the scene. »

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