Prolific Daddy before Judge

A man from Marchal with 30 children, had eleven taken into care in 2018 and now stands accused of sexually abusing one of his daughters (a minor).

GRA Provincial Law CourtsThe man, who could get ten years if found guilty, will face the judge on the 1st and 2nd of December in the provincial courts in Granada.

Those are the number of years recommended by the Public Prosecutor in connection with a charge of alleged, continued sexual abuse of his 10-year-old daughter until she ran away from home. The charge was brought against her father when she reached 14.

The minor lived with her 23 brothers and sisters, together with the man’s three wives in a house in Marchal near Guadix. It was the father who imposed the ‘house rules’ concerning behaviour and kept total control over everybody thanks to the collaboration of his ‘wives’ and some of the older children.

According to the victim these incidences of sexual abuse occurred when she was ten or eleven, under threat of physical violence should she not cooperate. This whole affair came to light at her school, where she had confided in a teacher.

Her account was deemed as credible by the Fundación Márgenes y Vínculos, who were called in for their expert advice. This foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to social care, working for the promotion of rights, protection, equality, culture, coexistence, education and well-being of people.

(News: Marchal, Guadix, Montes Orientales, Granada, Andalucia)

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