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The Longest War

GRA Huescar 02

If asked what’s the longest war there has been, you’ll probably answer the 100-Year War, but you’d be wrong, because there is the 172-Year War.

An Autumn Evening


At 19.21h (UTC) this evening, autumn will arrive and with it milder temperatures and rain. We can give the aircon a rest as the nights continue to draw in.

Covid Figures 27th July

GRA Covid figures 27JL21

We don’t publish these as often as we did during the height of the Pandemic, but with warnings of a general increase, readers can see here what the situation is.

Covid Figures 12th July

GRA Covid Map 12JL21

For those who are asking yourselves what inroads the Delta Variant is making into our province, here are the full figure: population, cases in 14 days and the per 100k figure.