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Illegal Dwelling Decree

By Martin Myall

The Junta de Andalucía announced that it intends to permit the 'legalisation' of some 327,000 illegal builds within the region. »

Granada Flood-Damage Toll

By Martin Myall

The recent floods in the north of our province left 400 hectares of tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and broccoli under a layer of mud. »

A Weekend Away: Purullena

By Martin Myall

The last time I had been to Purullena, which is close to Guadix, was about ten years ago so my recent trip was a nostalgic one. It takes about 90 minutes to get there from the coast. »

Brush Fire in Baños de Graena

By Vivienne Hughes

Infoca, even though we are still in Spring, is tackling around two fires a day all over Andalucía; the latest was in Baños de Graena, Granada. »

Huéscar Cross-Country Event

By Martin Myall

Today sees the IV Ciudad de Huéscar cross-country race which will offer a panoramic route through the Sierra Bermeja for the competitors. »

Violent Cortijo Burglary

By Hugh MacArthur

Two burglars broke into a cortijo in Baza area in the early hours of one Thursday, knowing that the owner was asleep inside. »

Meteorite Falls through Roof

By Martin Myall

Locals from Cogollos de Guadix were surprised when a fiery object hurtled through a roof. Luckily, the house is uninhabited. »

Saved by Whatsapp

By Hugh MacArthur

The provincial law courts in Granada have sentenced a woman to returning all that her boyfriend spent on her during their relationship. »

Death Wish Driver Released

By Martin Myall

A driver, who had been speeding the wrong way down an autovía before ploughing into a police roadblock last year, has had his court sentence overturned. »

Four Wives & 30 Kids

By Hugh MacArthur

When Social Services turned up in El Marchal to take 11 of a man's 30 children into care... they needed a heavy police escort. »

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