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No End To Them

GRA Fire Iznalloz OC22

Hill fires used to be a thing of the summer but not now, as another fire grips the north of the province in the Sierra Arana.

An Errant Shot?

GRA Deifontes Shooting MY22

A 69-year-old woman has been hospitalised in the ICU after receiving an impact in the eye from a pellet/shot fired by an air rifle or shotgun.

Covid Death Toll

GRA Covid Map 12AP22

The Junta no longer updates the 7-day & 14-day figures on its graph as it now only contains the number of deaths in each municipality during the whole pandemic.

Ricochets Don’t Count?

GRA Guadahortuna Panoramic

When does a bullet wound received in the call of duty not merit the equivalent of a Purple Heart for a Guardia Civil officer? When it’s a ricochet, it seems.

Covid Figures Tuesday 21st

GRA Covid Map 21DC21

The number of municipalities that have reported cases has increased from 96 to 119. All those that have had zero cases in the last 14 days have been omitted from below.

Weekly Covid Update

GRA Covid Map 14DC21

The figures published today by the Department of Health for the Junta clearly show an increment in contagion indicators with hospital cases increasing.