Naughty & Nasty

GRA Gasolinera Robbers Caught OnLThis is the tale of Naughty & Nasty, two alleged villains whose names we have substituted to respect their identity… sort of.

Both gentlemen, who have extensive criminal records, are suspected of carrying out armed robberies on two gasolineras; one in Alhendín and the other in nearby Otura.

They are also suspected of hijacking a car (ejecting the owner) and ramming police vehicles belonging to a police, control point. They also managed to fit in a spot of dangerous driving and inflicting injuries on police officers.

In fact, one of the individual had an arrest warrant out on him for his having failed to present himself at the assigned prison to carry out a prison sentence.

So, having established that these gentlemen were not on the short list for a Nobel Peace Prize, we recount the events of the said day; i.e., Saturday the 20th at 18.00h.

The Guardia Civil in Armilla received a call from a gasolinera in Alhendín to say that two men had been in and harvested the content of their cash register, whilst offering a list of painful experiences as an alternative. With alacrity, the robbers made off in a white convertible.

It was whilst the police officers were questioning the victims that the Guardia post received another call, this time from a gasolinera in Otura. Two men, offering an abundance of violence should the staff decide to be uncooperative, stole a device for crediting prepaid telephones

Immediately other Guardia Civil patrols from Armilla as well as units from the Policía Local in Ogíjares were sent out to set up roadblocks. The ‘lads,’ realising that the police were moving in, raced through the back streets of Otura much to the consternation of pedestrians and other drivers there.

In was on the thoroughfare of Ogíjares that the police managed to block their way by parking patrol cars across the road. However, instead of stopping and uttering, “it’s a fair cop, Gov” they aimed for two Guardia ivil officers in their path, who had been attempting to wave them down, before ploughing into a Policía Local patrol car and the one belonging to the Guardia Civil for good measure.

Far from giving up, the two 28-year-old men resisted arrest violently, injuring two officers. In total, five officers suffered injuries, including the two officers who attempted to wave them down and two municipal police officers.

Later, the Guardia Civil discovered that the Audi A3 driven by the suspects had been stolen in Granada the day before, after threatening the driver with a screwdriver. One final point… the villain behind the wheel didn’t have a driving licence, which was the least of his problems.

(News: Alhendin/Otura, Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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