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Grim Granddad?

GRA Careful with Granddad

When an inoffensive looking grandfather walks into a shop with a firearm and demands the contents of the till, one can be forgiven for being a little taken aback.

Hoax Jab Whatsapp

GRA Fermasa

The Junta announced yesterday that there is a hoax doing the rounds on Whatsapp concerning turning up without an appointment for inoculations.

Naughty & Nasty

GRA Gasolinera Robbers Caught OnL

Two men in their late 20s were arrested in the metropolitan area of Granada, suspected of holding up gasolineras, vehicle theft and resisting arrest.

Bar Terrace Stolen

GRA Stolen Bar Terrace

Almost every bar in Granada and the surrounding towns has experienced at least one break in; the cigarette machine or one-arm bandit forced open the more expensive spirits stolen