Two Sierra Nevada Rescues

GRA Sierra Nevada Helivac OnLOne of the rescues involved a man on a scrambling bike (Enduro Cross) and the other involved a mountain climber, both of whom had suffered injuries.

The first accident occurred on the 19th at 13.30h, which was witnessed by the person who phoned in to the 112 emergency number. The witness saw the rider come off the bike while attempting to cross a barranco on the lower slopes of the Sierra Nevada within the municipality of Padul. The victim fractured a leg in the fall.

A rescue helicopter was despatched from Granada as well as a rescue team. Having located the victim the helicopter landed a bit further up on more level ground and the team disembarked to attend to the victim, who had an open fracture to his left leg. They immobilised the leg and carried him on a stretcher to the waiting helicopter. By 14.45h the injured man was being attended to at the PTS hospital.

The second accident took place the next day, Saturday the 20th around 13.20h. A climber lost his balance and slide down an ice-covered slope, hitting several rocks on the way down to the bottom of the Barranco de San Juan. The victim received a heavy blow to the head and was bleeding profusely from the wound. He also had a fractured rib and was having difficulty breathing.

Again, a rescue team onboard a Guardia Civil helicopter was despatched. When they arrived they found that the injured man was in the company of a Special Operations team from the Spanish Army that was exercising in the area.

The officer commanding the team informed the rescue team that the victim had possibly suffered a lung injury (pneumothorax or collapsed lung) as he was struggling to breath. In fact they were considering making an incision to let the air out between the lung and the chest wall, should the victim entered into a respiratory arrest, when the Guardia Civil arrived.

Consulting by radio with a doctor it was decided that an intervention was not necessary but he had to be helivacked immediately to the nearest heliport in the city and from there by ambulance to the Traumatología (Hospital Virgen de las Nieves).

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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